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Welcome to One Life Pilates.


Do you want to feel better in your body, feel strong, flexible, and move well with less aches and pains?  Great, you are in the right place!


I started using specific Pilates exercises as treatment for my Physiotherapy clients and the results I found were amazing, simple, easy to do exercises to help people function well for life!


This led me to create One Life Pilates, a place where exercises together with the right knowledge and experience can be tailored to anyone no matter their age or ability, injuries or health conditions.


I love watching people get stronger, feel fitter and fall in love with Pilates.


I teach the APPI method of Pilates, an internationally recognised rehabilitation based Pilates programme which is strongly supported by the latest research based evidence.


I'd love to help you get your body back on track.


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Pilates for Health

I am a Physio and I am a Pilates teacher.  Pilates has naturally become my specialist interest area, I love the results it brings to people. I've taken extra training in pilates specifically for different health conditions including Osteoporosis, Scoliosis and Ante-postnatal to name just a few. The two careers go hand in hand and thats why many people come to me for Pilates on reccomendation from other local Physios.


I love helping all kinds of people to get active including Carolyn, she tells her story below


Kaye was reccomended to me by  a physio whos treatment I was just finishing. I was bury and stressed, and so unenthusiastic about the prospect of doing any sort of Pilates class that I didn't book for almost a year. I felt trepidation before going as all my limited previous exercise class experiences have been negative. I saw Kaye for a few individual sessions....I was impressed with how thoroughly she went through my history with me....she put me at ease from the start.

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I can't tell you how glad I am to have found has been transformative.  Kaye's sessions also gave me the confidence to start the NHS Couch to 5 k app. which I've just completed, thanks Kaye!

Carolyn now comes regularly to online classes and says

The intro package is a great way to get started, it includes a consultation, set of 3 1:1 lessons or a 1:1 and 10 day class pass.  Don't delay, book today.